Youtube Channel Growth Simplified

Youtube Channel Growth Simplified

July 13, 2018 3 By Aditya Rajput

Grow your Youtube Channel – Part 1

SO  you created your Youtube channel and quickly uploaded some videos, got some views and if you are fortunate enough got some likes too. You Started Dreaming of all the things you are going to buy with the tremendous amount of money you will be getting in revenue from Youtube. You slept a night with a hope to see a whooping increase in the views by next morning but too your surprise you waked up next morning with the same view count of 10-15 views, you waited and waited and waited but no significant increment in your views or subscribers count. 

So here I am going to assist you guys to help lift your view Youtube Views  count, Youtube Subscribers, Youtube Likes, all you gotta do is to follow the steps do the changes, implement the SEO, and just do whatever I tell you guys to do and get ready to see your Youtube Channel among the group of top subscribers or atleast among the 100k Followers channel, just do as I tell you guys to do. So get set and Dive and get ready to see your channel as the below photo

youtube channel views

Step  1 : Create and Customize your Channel

You will need a Google account to start your YouTube channel. Once you have created your account and navigated to YouTube, you will be asked to name your channel. Using the name of your business is probably the best option. You want to make it easy for you audience to find you!

Once you answer a couple questions and agree to the terms, you will be brought to your new channel.

Now you are all set with your channel, now its time to decorate your channel so that once user gets in there, he leaves with channel with a Subscribe and some views and likes on the videoes.

Here are a few quick things you should focus on, right from the beginning

youtube channel art

Channel Icon

Upload your company logo to the channel icon box at the top left of your channel page. If you don’t have a logo, use a quality image that represents your business in a professional manner. It is the foremost and the first thing the user would see at first glance at your channel, so it is very much important to have a good channel icon that can describe your Youtube Channel and its content well.

About Section 

The about section is an opportunity for you to tell people who you are, what you do, where to find you, and how to get in touch. Be sure to link to all your other social networks so that people can follow you on multiple channels. You should also link to your company website here. You can also link your social profiles here, and Youtube usually expects a good About Channel column from Youtube Channels for a Better Community.

Channel Art

You can help your channel stand out from the crowd by customizing your channel art. YouTube provides a great walkthrough of this process, complete with dimensions and how your artwork will be displayed across a variety of devices including mobile phones and televisions.

Step 2 : Make Some Good Videos for Your Youtube Channel

Youtube channel sample

So uptill now you are done with creating the basic structure of creating your Youtube channel applying its channel art and other sort of thing but now comes the most important part of creating the content for your Youtube Channel and Filling your Youtube With Videos for the viewers to watch and for you to earn from


So before moving forward you need a channel intro video and a thank you Snipt in the end of all your videos for good impression so first lets clear all this tiny stuffs for your channel.

So for this you have Two options either DIY or get it done Paid

OPTION #1 –  DIY – For this you need to wipe the dust out of your video editor and get-set ready for some editing stuff. Below I am recommending some great Tools for your assistance-

#1 Adobe Spark

#2 Biteable

#3 Wondershare

#4 Intro Designer lite – for iPhone and iPad

OPTION #2 – Paid Services – There are a lot of paid services out there that can get the job done for you in exchange of few $. Here is my list of best service providers –

#1 Flixpress

#2 RenderForest

#3 IntroCave


now after you sorted the basic things its time to get into actual video making for your Youtube Channel


So here comes the major part of your channel, the backbone of your channel or the thing on which channel views will rely, your content. 

I broke this part also in two parts-

#1 The Idea – As someone great once said “If you got a good Idea, you got a Good New World“. I don’t go in detailing of the quote but as it implies that all you need is a great idea to do thing for Youtube too all you need to grow is a good idea to make videos on but remember my words – Only a single Idea “don’t make your Youtube Channel a mess by putting all sort of Videos, Just one type of Videos, That’s it”

so if you already have a Idea that’s cool but in case you still don’t came up with a Idea then sit back, pull your headphones up your ears and think about it.

#2 Making Videos – I will make a list later on this blog about the best practices for making good video but uptill then take advice “Never compromise with the Quality of your Videos, How-so-Hard it gets”.

Rest Things like SEO and getting Audience will be in Second Part of Video, Comment if Made a mistake in the list or you have good ideas all comments are duly welcome.

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