Red Crab migration to Christmas Island – Nature Wonders

Red Crab migration to Christmas Island – Nature Wonders

September 2, 2018 0 By Aditya Rajput

Christmas Islandlocated on the north-western coast of Australia in the bed of Indian Ocean witnesses a natural wonder everywhere – Migration of Red Crabs to the Island. During the time of October to December Christmas Island experiences the migration of Red Crabs from island to Sea Beds, the event becomes even more phenomenol due to the sighting of crabs almost everywhere from roads to bushes, crabs seems to occupy everything during this duration as Red Crabs reaches their final destination – Sea Bed to lay eggs there.


Why Does Red Crab’s Migration Takes Place ?


The major and only reason behind Red Crab Migration is Breeding. Crab’s Breeding time-table is fixed and as soon as early waves of Wet Season Establishes, their migration starts.

The crabs will start their migration if there is enough time for them to complete their downward migration, mate and develop eggs before the next suitable spawning date.

The red crab breeding migration comprises a series of separate actions on the crabs’ part that follow on from one to the other in a programmed sequence. These separate actions in combination make up the breeding migration and one action will not occur unless the preceding action is accomplished. If there isn’t enough time for them to be able to do all of these things before the next spawning opportunity, they will delay the start of their migration and attempt to meet the following month’s spawning date.

Female crabs have to drop their eggs into the water (this is known as spawning) “before sunrise on spring tides during the last quarter of the moon”, the Australian government reports. The migration begins when crabs are sure they can complete the journey, mate and then brood the eggs for two weeks before spawning. This year the possible spawning dates are 14-16 November and 13-15 December, during the austral spring. Four or five weeks before these dates crabs are expected to begin their migration to the ocean across forests, cliffs and roads.


Some of Snaps of Red Crab Migration

A closed view of Red Crab's Migration

Red Crab’s Migration from a closer View

Image of Road Closed Due to Red Crab's Migration

Road Closed for Red Crab’s MIgration

Red Crab Crowd with a local

A Local with Red Crab Crowd

An image from Red Crab Migration

A Beautiful Snap from Red Crab Migration


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