Trace Mobile Number All Over World

Trace Mobile Number All Over World

July 13, 2018 0 By Aditya Rajput

Ever now or then somewhere, sometime we felt urge to trace mobile number for any purpose whether the Subject number holder is your Dad, Mom, Boy-Friend, Girl-Friend or just a friend. We then scrapped whole Internet, search it all over app store but we usually end up with Fake Apps that just consumers our time and data and do nothing good.

So for this Problem of ours I have explored a solution now, A real website that can trace mobile number.

Trace Mobile Number on Google Map in India

Just fill the mobile phone number in the text box below and press the Trace Mobile Number button. The location, service provider and connection type of the mobile phone number will be displayed instantly!

trace mobile number in India

This app can trace the state where the mobile number is currently active, and it can find the service provider and the signaling of the mobile number. But due to the recent introduction of mobile number portability in India, the accuracy of this app to trace any mobile number in India has decreased a bit. And because of this reason, it may sometimes show the service provider details incorrectly.

Unfortunately, No. Its not possible to find the exact address of a mobile number or current location of mobile number using this app. You can only find the state where the mobile phone is located. Its illegal in India to maintain the address directory of mobile numbers in India due to privacy issues.

Real Time Tracing of Mobile Phone

Real time tracing, that is, finding the exact location of mobile phone at this time, is possible by checking the Visitor Location Register (VLR) database, which is maintained by the respective mobile phone’s network service provider.

Due to privacy concerns, the network service providers do not provide any way to access this database. So, at this time, its not possible to locate a mobile phone number in real time.


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